environmentHere in this section we have attempted to answer few of the common queries regarding Spatters and Spatter Cure SC-07.  This section is being revised according to the questions posed by our readers. Further queries may be posted in the Feedback Form.  

Reasons for spatter
Why removal of spatter is important yet difficult/ detrimental by conventional methods? Problems Associated with Spatter.
Metallurgical aspects of welding and the use of flux.
How Spatter Cure SC-07 works in the refinement of weld melt?

Accreditations and Certifications for SC-07

credentials Spatter Cure is a Patented Product. It has been patented by the Indian Patent Office, Govt. of India. Spatter Cure SC-07 has also been accredited by eminent organisations. This has been the result of the extensive internal testing and application of the product that these organisations have undertaken. To know more, click here. Spatter Cure Enterprises is also ISO 9001:2008 Certified.

Our Esteemed Clientele

Within a small span of time, the Spatter Cure products have become a household name in the various public and private sector firms across the country. Click here to view a partial list of the esteemed consumers of our products.